Our Story

We are a family-owned business, a two-family business to be exact. After successful careers in the entertainment and automotive industries, we decided to dedicate the rest of our lives to health, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle. Although our families lived close to each other, we didn't know each other until one day our Tibetan Terriers, Casey and Abraham, brought us together on a walk. A couple of years later, our dogs are expecting their first litter of puppies together, and we are thrilled to see our mission being realized in the best possible way. As a company, we have partnered with some of the very best suppliers, manufacturers, and brands to provide you with premium quality dietary supplements.

Our Mission

At Biofit Nutrifarm and Vitakrill we believe that everyone deserves good health. We are passionate about improving the health of all people, animals and plants and the health of the whole planet. We would love to inspire you to be the best version of yourself and live the lifestyle you want without compromising your health. We only have one life, one planet and one attempt to do what we need to do the right way. We are committed to deliver you the best products, services, tools and knowledge, which will help you choose the best for yourselves and those you love. Our mission is simple: To be the best version of ourselves and help you to be the best you.

Our Core Values

  • Our Core Values - Commitment to Excellence

    Commitment to Excellence

  • Our Core Values - Continuous Innovation

    Continuous Innovation

  • Our Core Values - Build Partnerships

    Build Partnerships

  • Our Core Values - Transparency


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We Are Here For You

Your health and happiness are important elements of our mission.

Although we would like you to use our products regularly, your health and the health of our planet are more important than profit. Dietary supplements should not be a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements are the alternative; your first choice should always be healthy, organic food. Making wise food choices is the best way to get your vitamins and minerals. Read more.

You have only one body. Take care of it.

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